50% Increase in Traffic and Engagement on a Cleaning Company’s Website

HypeSiivous Website Redesign:
A Success Story

HypeSiivous is a cleaning company in Finland that provides professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. The company approached our digital marketing agency looking to redesign its website to better showcase its services and increase engagement with its target audience.

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The Goals

HypeSiivous approached us to redesign their website to reflect their brand and improve their online presence. Their goal was to increase traffic and engagement to their website and to showcase their cleaning services in a professional and visually appealing way.

Our Creative Process

Our team started by researching to better understand HypeSiivous’s target audience and their needs. We worked closely with the company to create a design that reflected its brand identity and mission, while also providing a seamless user experience.

The new website features a modern and clean design, with easy-to-use navigation and clear calls to action that encourage users to engage with the company. We also developed a site map and content strategy that met their needs and provided a great user experience. Lastly, we optimized the site for search engines, incorporating keywords throughout the content and implementing best practices for on-page optimization.


The Result

Since the launch of the new website, HypeSiivous has seen a 50% increase in traffic and engagement. The new site features a modern design with clear calls to action, easy-to-use navigation, and optimized content that showcases their cleaning services in a professional and visually appealing way. The bounce rate has decreased by 25%, indicating that users are staying on the site longer and engaging with the content.

50% Increase in Website Traffic and Engagement

The end result was a 50% increase in traffic and engagement on HypeSiivous’s website since the launch of the new design. The site now better showcases the company’s services, and users are spending more time on the site, indicating a higher level of engagement.


Increase in website traffic

Monthly visitors


Increase in average time spent on the site


Decrease in bounce rate

Positive Feedback

HypeSiivous was thrilled with the new website’s design and functionality. They received positive feedback from their clients, who appreciate the site’s modern look and easy-to-use navigation. The company has seen a significant increase in inquiries and bookings through the new contact forms, resulting in increased revenue. They have also reported a boost in their online reputation, with many clients leaving positive reviews on their site and social media.

I just wanted to say how impressed we are with the new website redesign for HypeSiivous. It looks fantastic, and the improved user experience has really made a difference in driving traffic and engagement. We’ve seen a significant increase in inquiries and bookings since the launch of the new site, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at Design and Disrupt did a fantastic job of understanding our brand and creating a site that reflects our values and mission. Overall, we’re thrilled with the new site and grateful for the hard work and expertise of everyone involved.


Business Owner & Manager, HypeSiivous

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