Holistic Brand Visual Identity for Philippine Business Club Finland ry’s

The Client

The Philippine Business Club Finland is a non-profit association dedicated to fostering a thriving community of Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals in Finland.

PBC-Finland Membership

The Challenge

As a new entity established in February 2024, the Philippine Business Club Finland needed to establish a strong, recognizable brand that would not only represent its mission and values but also resonate within a diverse cultural landscape.

The organization needed a visual identity that could bridge the gap between Filipino heritage and the Finnish business environment, promoting active cooperation and goodwill while fostering a sense of belonging among its members.

Our Solution

Understanding the unique position of PBC Finland, our team at Design and Disrupt created a comprehensive Brand Visual Identity that mirrors the organization’s ethos.

We developed a suite of visual elements that are deeply rooted in Filipino culture yet appeal to a global audience.

This included a distinctive logo design that symbolizes unity and growth, bespoke icons that capture the essence of their mission, and brand style guidelines that ensure consistency across all communications.

Furthermore, we crafted print collaterals like business cards and signage, alongside versatile social media presence templates, all designed to engage, connect, and inspire.

Logo Design

Logo Icon

Brand Color Palette



Brand Pattern

Brand Imagery

Social Media Assets

Website Look

Business Card

Outdoor Signages



Brand Style Guidelines

The Impact of Our Collaboration with Philippine Business Club Finland

PBC Finland’s new Brand Visual Identity has not only elevated its presence but also significantly increased engagement within the Filipino entrepreneur community in Finland.

The cohesive and vibrant brand identity has enhanced the organization’s visibility and empowered it to more effectively promote entrepreneurship, culture, and mutual support among Filipino professionals.

The creative genius of Design and Disrupt has given PBC Finland more than just a visual identity; it has given us a voice. Their meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of our mission have translated into a brand that truly represents who we are and what we stand for. We’re now more equipped than ever to unite Filipino entrepreneurs in Finland and contribute significantly to our community’s growth.

Christine Tilja

Founder & Chairperson, Philippine Business Club Finland ry

PBC Finland’s Future with Design and Disrupt

Our ongoing collaboration is set to introduce more design solutions that will keep the organization at the forefront of change.

With a shared vision of empowering the Filipino community through design excellence, we are committed to supporting PBC Finland as it expands its reach, launches new initiatives, and continues to make a lasting impact in the business world.

Here’s Why PBC Finland Chose Design and Disrupt

PBC Finland sought a partner that could not only understand their unique identity but also translate it into a compelling visual narrative. They chose Design and Disrupt for…

  • our expertise in brand identity creation
  • our commitment to cultural sensitivity
  • and our proven track record of transforming brands into community cornerstones

Our collaborative approach, which emphasizes listening, understanding, and innovating, was perfectly aligned with PBC Finland’s values and aspirations, making us the ideal partner for their journey towards creating a vibrant and cohesive brand.

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