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Raiken Profit is a highly successful Amazon entrepreneur, renowned for achieving a six-figure income through e-commerce. He is equally well-known for sharing his expertise and insights, helping aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their Amazon selling journeys. Raiken Profit’s mission is to educate and empower others to follow in his footsteps, reaching their financial goals through online business.

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The Goals

Our primary objectives in managing social media and content creation for Raiken Profit were to:


  • Grow Social Media Following: Expand the brand’s presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook to reach a wider audience.
  • Increase Leads: Attract potential Amazon sellers and create a community of like-minded individuals interested in e-commerce.
  • Grow Email List: Build an email subscriber base for regular communication, newsletters, and marketing opportunities.

Our Creative Process

Our approach to achieving these goals involved a well-structured creative process:

Research and Strategy: We began by conducting extensive market research, understanding the target audience, and developing a content strategy aligned with Raiken Profit’s brand and values.

Content Creation: We consistently produced high-quality, engaging content including long-form and short-form videos, covering topics relevant to Amazon entrepreneurship, and online selling. We even utilized user-generated content and conducted Instagram lives.

Social Media Management: We managed the daily operation of Raiken Profit’s social media accounts, scheduling posts, responding to comments, and engaging with the audience.

Email Marketing: We created and executed email marketing campaigns to grow the subscriber list, sharing valuable content, promotions, and resources.

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The Results

Our efforts led to impressive results:

Social Media Following: Increased followers on Instagram by 60%, YouTube subscribers by 45%, and Facebook page likes by 35% within the first six months.

Leads: Successfully generated over 1,500 leads from social media campaigns and promotions, expanding the potential customer base.

Email List Growth: Expanded the email list by 40% through well-targeted campaigns and lead-generation strategies.

Raiken Profit Sample Social Media Posts

Our Scope of Work

Our scope of work included the following:


  • Content creation and management for various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Social media posting and engagement.
  • Regular content updates on the Raiken Profit website.
  • Collaboration on product launches and promotions.
  • Tracking and reporting on social media and email marketing performance.
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Raiken Profit Sample Social Media Posts sample 1

Raiken Profit’s Reels and View Counts

YouTube Shorts

Raiken Profit YouTube Shorts Sample

Raiken Profit’s YouTube Shorts and View Counts


Raiken Profit TikTok Sample Social Media Posts

Raiken Profit’s Tiktoks and View Counts

Client Feedback

Our social media management and content creation services for Raiken Profit contributed to significant growth in the brand’s online presence, lead generation, and email subscriber base. We remain committed to furthering these results and helping Raiken Profit achieve his mission of guiding others toward financial success in the Amazon marketplace.
I couldn’t be happier with Laila’s work in managing our social media and content creation. She and her team really understand our brand and have helped us grow our following, generate leads, and expand our email list. Our social media presence has seen impressive growth, and the email list has significantly expanded. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and collaboration on product launches have been outstanding. I highly recommend Design and Disrupt for their contributions to Raiken Profit’s success in reaching and helping more Amazon entrepreneurs. Thanks for your dedication and excellent service!

Entrepreneur, Raiken Profit

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