Transforming Integration: How We Built a Multilingual, Modern Website for SPROK

The Client

SPROK is a fun and safe digital game that helps immigrant children integrate into the linguistic and cultural environment of their new home country. It is a research-to-business (R2B) project implemented by Åbo Akademi University and Novia University of Applied Sciences, funded by Business Finland, Svenska Kulturfonden, and Högskolestiftelsen i Österbotten. Our collaboration started from April to June 2024.

PBC-Finland Membership

The Challenge

SPROK faced the challenge of needing a website that could effectively showcase their innovative digital game designed to help immigrant children integrate into new linguistic and cultural environments. The existing digital presence was not adequately communicating the project’s mission and scope to stakeholders, funders, and potential users.

Additionally, the website had to be visually appealing and modern to attract a diverse audience, including educators, parents, and policymakers. It was essential that the site was user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation and accessibility for all visitors. SPROK also needed a seamless integration with LinkedIn to keep their community informed with the latest updates and activities through embedded posts.

Moreover, since the target audience included individuals in Finland and Sweden, the website needed to be available in three languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish. Ensuring accurate and culturally sensitive translations while maintaining a consistent design across all language versions added another layer of complexity to the project.


Our Solution

To address SPROK’s multifaceted challenge, our team at Design and Disrupt embarked on a comprehensive website design and development project. Here’s how we approached and solved each aspect:

✅ Modern and Visually Appealing Design:
We crafted a fresh, modern design that captures the essence of SPROK’s mission. The layout is clean and inviting, with intuitive navigation that guides users seamlessly through the site. We incorporated engaging visuals, vibrant colors, and interactive elements to create an attractive and dynamic user experience.

✅ User-Friendly Interface:
Understanding the diverse audience, we focused on creating a user-friendly interface. The website’s structure ensures that information is easily accessible, with clear calls-to-action and straightforward menus. This design ensures that educators, parents, and policymakers can effortlessly find the information they need.

✅ Multilingual Support:
To meet the requirement of multilingual accessibility, we meticulously translated the website content into Finnish and Swedish, ensuring cultural nuances were respected and accurately represented. Each language version maintains the same high-quality design and functionality, providing a seamless experience regardless of the user’s preferred language.

✅ LinkedIn Integration:
We integrated a LinkedIn embed to dynamically showcase SPROK’s latest posts and updates. This feature keeps the website content fresh and provides visitors with real-time insights into the project’s progress and community engagement activities. It also helps in building a stronger connection with the target audience by leveraging social proof.

✅ Collaborative Development Process:
Throughout the development process, we maintained close communication with SPROK’s team. Regular meetings and feedback sessions ensured that the project stayed aligned with their vision and objectives. Our collaborative approach allowed us to quickly address any issues and incorporate SPROK’s input effectively.

✅ Technical Excellence:
Leveraging our technical expertise, we ensured the website is responsive and performs well across different devices and browsers. We implemented best practices in web development to ensure fast load times, robust security, and overall reliability. The backend was designed to be easily manageable, allowing SPROK’s team to update content effortlessly.

The Impact of our Collaboration with SPROK

The newly developed website has had a significant impact on SPROK’s ability to communicate their mission and engage with their target audience. The modern, visually appealing design has enhanced the project’s credibility and professionalism, making a strong impression on visitors. The user-friendly interface has facilitated easier access to information, allowing educators, parents, and policymakers to quickly find the resources they need. The multilingual support has broadened the reach of SPROK’s message.

The integration of LinkedIn has kept the content dynamic and up-to-date, fostering a sense of community and engagement around SPROK’s initiatives. This real-time connection to their social media presence has helped build stronger relationships with stakeholders and supporters.

I warmly recommend Laila from Design and Disrupt for her outstanding work on designing our new website. Her efficiency and prompt response to our requests made the entire process seamless and stress-free. She knows how to navigate the technical as well as the visual aspects of building a website. Thanks to Laila’s creative vision, the final product is a fresh and modern site that reflects our brand.

Maria Hokkinen

Business Champion, SPROK

SPROK’s Future with Design and Disrupt

SPROK is excited to continue its partnership with Design and Disrupt for future digital needs. We are committed to supporting SPROK as they expand their project and reach even more children worldwide.

Here’s Why SPROK Chose Design and Disrupt

SPROK selected Design and Disrupt for our expertise, professionalism, and excellent value. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work that meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.

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