Website Design and Development for Tropa’s Hub Oy – A Restaurant in Porvoo

The Client

Tropa’s Hub is a unique restaurant in Porvoo, Finland. It’s the first and only place in town to enjoy Filipino-Asian cuisine. We collaborated to design and develop their one-page website through Figma and WordPress. Our collaboration happened from May to June 2024.

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The Challenge

Tropa’s Hub is a new restaurant that launched on June 15, 2024, and faced several challenges:

❌    They lacked a strong online presence, making it difficult for potential customers to discover their restaurant.

❌    They needed to launch their website in just 3 weeks simultaneously with the restaurant opening, ensuring a seamless introduction to their market.

❌    As it was their first website, they needed a simple yet professional site that could effectively showcase their menu and provide a way for customers to order through Foodora.

Additionally, they also needed to ensure their restaurant was easily found on Google and fit within their budget.


Our Solution

To address these challenges, we initiated a comprehensive design and development project using Figma and WordPress. Our process began with a deep understanding of Tropa’s Hub’s brand and culinary vision. Collaborating closely with the restaurant team, we ensured that every website element, from colors to images, reflected their unique cuisine blend.

We designed a clean, modern, and user-friendly website on Figma. During the WordPress development phase, we focused on creating a responsive and easy-to-navigate site. We included features such as an interactive menu and integration with Foodora for easy ordering. Our goal was to create an engaging online presence that would attract new customers and enhance the experience for existing patrons.

The Impact of our Collaboration with Tropa’s Hub

The launch of Tropa’s Hub’s new website brought a significant transformation to their digital presence. The modern, visually appealing design and easy-to-use interface quickly drew in visitors, resulting in increased web traffic and customer engagement. The interactive menu allowed customers to explore their unique offerings, while the Foodora integration made ordering convenient and seamless, boosting online sales.

Moreover, the website’s improved SEO helped Tropa’s Hub rank higher on Google, attracting more local and international customers. The online reservation system streamlined booking, enhancing the overall customer experience. This digital overhaul not only increased foot traffic to the restaurant but also fostered a stronger connection with their community, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

I highly recommend Design and Disrupt for the great job of making our website. They are really professional and talented. Great job!

Dennis Margate

Owner and Restaurateur, Tropa's Hub

Tropa’s Hub’s Future with Design and Disrupt

Looking ahead, Tropa’s Hub Oy plans to continue working with Design and Disrupt to further enhance their online presence. Future projects include developing a mobile app to simplify reservations and orders, as well as using advanced analytics to better understand customer preferences. Together, we aim to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of digital solutions in the restaurant industry.

Here’s Why Tropa’s Hub Chose Design and Disrupt

1. Proven expertise in creating visually compelling and user-friendly websites.

2. Comprehensive understanding of the client’s unique brand and culinary vision.

3. Commitment to ongoing support and digital innovation.

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