Instagram Reels Creation: Emcee Able Wanamakok


Emcee Able Wanamakok is a versatile media talent with a career spanning over 16 years. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States, Able excels in a variety of media roles, including TV hosting, acting, news presenting, MC’ing, script-writing, and voice-over work. With his diverse skill set, Able has made a significant impact in the world of media and entertainment.

emcee able wanamakok
Emcee Able Wanamakok Social Media Accounts

The Goals

Our project with MC Able Wanamakok had three primary objectives:


  • Grow Instagram Following: Increase the brand‘s presence on Instagram by creating engaging and dynamic reels to attract a larger audience.
  • Increase Leads: Generate leads from Instagram to build a community of followers interested in Able’s work and services.
  • Boost Website Traffic: Drive more traffic to the MC Able website for increased visibility and engagement.

Our Creative Process

Our approach to achieving these goals involved a systematic creative process:

Content Strategy: We developed a content strategy that emphasized the creation of eye-catching and shareable reels, aligning with Able’s brand and audience preferences.

Reel Creation: We consistently produced high-quality, entertaining reels that showcased Able’s diverse talents and captured the interest of Instagram users.

Lead Generation: We implemented lead generation strategies, such as call-to-action posts, contests, and giveaways, to attract and retain potential clients.

Website Promotion: We promoted the MC Able website by strategically linking to it from Instagram, thereby increasing website traffic.

Emcee Able Sample Social Media Posts

Our Scope of Work

Our scope of work included the following:


  • Content creation and management for MC Able’s Instagram account, focusing on reels.
  • Regular posting and engagement with the audience on Instagram.
  • Implementing lead generation tactics.
  • Promoting and linking to the MC Able website through Instagram.
  • Tracking and reporting on Instagram performance metrics.
Emcee Able Social Media Accounts

The Results

Our efforts yielded promising results:

Instagram Following: Grew the Instagram following by 35% within the first three months, enhancing Able’s online presence.

Leads: Successfully generated over 500 leads from Instagram, creating a community of interested followers.

Website Traffic: Increased website traffic by 25% through strategic promotion and linking from Instagram.

Emcee Able Instagram

Emcee Able’s Reels and View Counts

Emcee Able Instagram

Emcee Able’s Reels and View Counts

Client Feedback

Our collaboration with MC Able Wanamakok has been marked by significant achievements in growing her Instagram presence, increasing leads, and boosting website traffic. Emcee Able Wanamakok’s versatile talents and creative content strategies have successfully captured the attention of a broader audience. We are proud to have played a role in enhancing her brand’s visibility and online engagement.

I’m thrilled with the work done by Laila and her team. Their expertise in creating engaging Instagram reels and implementing effective lead-generation strategies has significantly improved my online presence and increased traffic to my website. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to grow their brand on social media.

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