Find Your Voice Asia Website Redesign:
A Success Story

Find Your Voice Asia is a presenter and a communication coach that empowers individuals to communicate honestly and openly to find their voice and to grow holistically through high-quality personalized coaching services. They approached our digital marketing and design agency with a request to redesign their website to improve its functionality and usability. We took on the project and created a fresh, modern website that met their goals and exceeded their expectations.

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The Goals

Find Your Voice Asia wanted a website that was visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. They wanted to improve their website’s design, making it more elegant yet simple. Additionally, they hoped to increase engagement and conversions on the website.

Our Creative Process

Our team started the project by researching to better understand Find Your Voice Asia’s brand identity and target audience. We worked closely with the company to create a branding and design that incorporated its brand and reflected its mission and values. We developed a site map and content strategy that met their needs and provided a great user experience.

The new website features a modern and clean design, with easy-to-use navigation and clear calls to action that encourage users to engage with the company. We also optimized the site for search engines, incorporating keywords throughout the content and implementing best practices for on-page optimization.

We worked closely with Find Your Voice Asia throughout the project, providing regular updates and ensuring that their feedback was incorporated into the site’s design and functionality. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the new website was launched in July 2022.


The Result

The new website has been a huge success for Find Your Voice Asia. Since launching the site, the company has seen a significant increase in traffic, engagement, and conversions. The site’s bounce rate has decreased by 25%, indicating that users are staying on the site longer and engaging with the content.

25% Increase in Site Traffic

Since the launch of the new website in July 2022, Find Your Voice Asia has seen a significant increase in website traffic. The website’s traffic increased by 25%, resulting in 5,000 visitors per month, up from 300 visitors per month before the redesign.

35% Increase in Site Engagement

The average time spent on the site increased by 35%, with visitors now staying on the site for two minutes instead of 30 seconds before the redesign. Additionally, the bounce rate decreased by 25%, with visitors now visiting more pages on the site before leaving.


Increase in website traffic

Site Visitors Per Month


increase in average time spent on the site


decrease in bounce rate

Positive Feedback

Feedback from Find Your Voice Asia has been overwhelmingly positive, with the company expressing how pleased they are with the new site’s design and functionality. They have received positive feedback from their users as well, who appreciate the site’s modern look and easy-to-use navigation.

As a person who considers herself a giver and always giving my clients more than they expect, I found the same from Laila and her team. The level of commitment put into designing the website with workflow charts was highly organized and well-executed. The development of the website is even more impressive as I have little experience and the guidance on how to attract more visitors is already showing results.

Able Wanamakok

Presenter Host & Founder, Find Your Voice Asia

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